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    Vintage Nintendo Wall Trim

    Decorate your game room in retro style with this vintage Nintendo wall trim from 1989. Each of the packages contains a set of 42 colorful Nintendo characters. And as Mario said: Putting up this wall trim is a lot easier than rescuing the princess!

    8bitdo Retro Speaker

    Whether you are an old-school veteran gamer, a new-school retro gamer, or just a hapless hipster in search of something ironic on which to listen to bands you liked before they were popular: this 8bitdo retro speaker with bluetooth functionality will be for you. Ideal for taking it wherever you go!


    NES Inspired Vans Sneakers

    Celebrate the worlds best 8 bit system with these NES inspired Vans Sneakers. On the bottom of the shoes it says “GAME” on the left, and “OVER” on the right sole, which makes them also perfect for kicking in an old Sega Master System. JK! They’re limited and running out of stock fast.


    World Of Nintendo Globe Sign

    This historical World Of Nintendo Globe Sign is a collectors dream and doesn’t need much introduction. It was never for sale and is super rare, and super beautiful. Now one these can be yours. Pimp up your Nintendo retro game room in the most authentic ways possible.

    NES Inspired Key Holder

    Want to make your home more fun and geeky? This NES inspired key holder will make a good impression right from the front door. It includes two detachable NES controller-shaped keychains that you can take anywhere with you. The material is Birch Plywood and the outlines are laser engraved.


    NES Controller Pillow

    Throw all your pillows away now cause this NES Controller Pillow is all you really need. It’s made of ultra soft plush material, hand made, 25 inches long and even completely wireless. But jokes aside, this is a really nice and thoughtful gift for a real Nintendo gamer geek.


    NES Console Key Holder

    Give yourself a warm welcome home everyday with the wall mountable NES console key holder for you and your player two! It comes with two controller input keychains, and the cartridge tray is actually a enclosed little shelf that offers enough space to store some change or some more keys.


    NES Cartridge Pillows

    Up your living room style with these NES cartridge pillows! They’re originally a exclusive ThinkGeek product but can’t be bought anymore. If you wonder what games those are, yep they’re made up! But still we love the idea of cartridge formed pillows so much!


    NES Controller Backpack

    Whether you want your kid to get all the compliments on the schoolyard or yourself, this NES controller backpack will get that done. Coming with lot’s of space to put all your stuff like binders, work books and water bottles into, this is a must-have for video game fans.


    Nintendo Tech Support Shirt

    You don’t feel like wearing all colorful and cute but still want to show your appreciation for the big N and retrogaming? Well here’s a real Nintendo Tech Support Shirt from the 90’s, that will not only gain you respect among your geek-peers but also make you look way more serious!

    Super Mario Stage Figure Lvl 3-1

    This little japanese Super Mario Stage Figure is a 10cm by 10cm scene out of level 3-1. Through the wonders of magnetic force Mario can moved around freely which is a very cute and playful little feature. This would make a very thoughtful gift for a retro video game aficionado.


    NES Power Glove Lamp

    Too bad the Nintendo Power Glove was too much ahead of it’s time to become a success. But the story didn’t end there. An artist named 1UpForge had the idea to take old and discarded Nintendo accessory, break it down and turn it into awesome pieces of art like this awesome NES Power Glove Lamp.


    NES Controller Shower Curtain

    Who says bathrooms can’t be fun and Nintendo themed? This custom designed and printed, 100% woven polyester NES Controller Shower Curtain is mould proof and machine washable! Your guests will want to spend a little extra time in your bathroom from now on!


    NES Controller Ear Plugs

    Now you can make your earlobes into super stylish retro game controllers with the NES Controller Ear Plugs. Made of acryl and easy to screw and unscrew, these little badboys come in various sizes and will definitely attract the attention of your fellow retrogame buddies.

    Nintendo Play Choice Tabletop

    Bring real arcade awesomeness into your gameroom with a original Nintendo Play Choice Tabletop system from 1989. Two players can enjoy up to 10 NES games while the arcade style buttons will give you some extra edge for fast paced games like punch out or pacman.


    Official Nintendo Sticker Album

    "This listing is for the STICKER ALBUM ONLY, NO GAMES INCLUDED"

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