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    Legend Of Zelda Triforce Lamp

    Show off your passion for the Zelda franchise with this handmade Legend Of Zelda Triforce Lamp. It glows in 16 different colors and gives off a very warm and glowy light that will bring some real hylian atmosphere into your home. The box measures 4 x 4 x 4 and opens from the top.


    Vintage Zelda Snapback Hat

    Ultra rare and in extremely good condition comes this signal red, vintage Zelda snapback hat. It was officially licensed by Nintendo and released in 1988. It has the old school The Legend Of Zelda print art on it. A perfect way to express your love for the older generation of the stories of Link and Zelda.


    Zelda Hydration Cartridge

    Please, we know it’s hard sometimes to remember to stay hydrated while galloping the fields of Hyrule, looting dead monsters and fighting the evil, but we care about you. So take this extremely cool Zelda Hydration Cartridge that looks exactly like the original NES game and keep hydrated!


    Zelda Gold Cartridge Backpack

    Be the coolest retro cat in the classroom with this officially licenced Zelda cartridge backpack. It as super shiny gold finish just like the original cartridge and comes with s 2-way top zipper closure, several inner pockets Padded and length-adjustable shoulder straps.


    Zelda OOT Action Figures

    Almost 20 years ago we fought Ganondorf, the king of evil, in the Hyrule castle. Now you can relive this fight with the original Zelda OOT Action Figures! Each figure is individually based inside the box, and Link’s figure includes Master Sword and Hylian Shield accessories.


    Zelda Triforce Lamp

    Get the right lighting for the cosy season of the year with this handmade Zelda Triforce Lamp. It measures 9″ on every side and uses a typical Christmas light bulb. On the sides it has the crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule, as well as some rupees wich projects their shapes onto the walls.


    The Legend Of Zelda Placemat

    This is not just a simple placemat, it’s a 1989, officially Nintendo licensed The Legend Of Zelda placemat with a piece of original artwork of Link with his sword and shield on it. This very rare collectible would make a fun addition to any vintage Zelda collection.


    Zelda 64 Pocket Watch

    The Zelda 64 Pocket Watch was a promotional item and came out before the game was released. It has the old game title “Zelda 64” instead of “Ocarina Of Time” on it. That being sad the watch is now a highly collectible and rare accessoire, and a must have for Zelda collectors.


    E3 Zelda Pin

    This beautiful Zelda pin was handed out to senior management staff of Nintendo at the E3 games Expo in the year 2002. It was not for resale and is a promotional limited edition pin for the ‘The Legend Of Zelda – Wind Waker’ game. A subtle yet stylish addition to every Zelda collectors wear.


    Vintage Zelda Pin Badge

    "Used / Good Condition / Outer box and Badge : There is a slight damage."

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